Anyone Can Fly

We design and manufacture wind tunnel equipment to bring the joy of flight to everyone, regardless of physical limitation.

Rosie Manning Testing
Director Rosie Manning with KJ Van Der Klooster and Bas Driessen during testing

Bringing Bodyflight to Everyone

For over 5 years, Rosie has used her expertise in engineering and skydiving to develop a range of adaptive equipment to improve stability for indoor skydivers.

Test Flight

Get Your Knees in the Breeze

The fully customizable and re-configurable lower body equipment has been designed to provide the optimal body position needed to ensure customers of all abilities can take flight. Through intensive testing, the design has evolved to offer instructors all of the durability and versatility they need to keep flyers safe and happy.

Those who have made this project possible!

This project would not have been possible without the extremely generous help of others. Acknowledgement and gratitude is given to…

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