Introducing the first fully adjustable and modular leg system on the market, specifically designed for bodyflight.

The current BraceX that is available to purchase has undergone several exciting design updates since the previous version outlined below. Information on the updates and lastest specifications can be found outlined in the pdf file below

BraceX Model 1

BraceX is an innovative new system that provides the opportunity for almost anyone to experience the freedom of flight. It was designed from the ground up to provide stability and support to flyers with disabilities, from their first experience, to more advanced manoeuvres.

3D printed in polyamide 12 using HP’s state-of-the-art Multi Jet Fusion technology. This type of additive manufacturing is currently being used to produce some of the latest orthotics and prosthetics on the market.

The joints can be locked or free moving depending on the requirement and type of disability. This also allows the user to sit comfortably in their chair while wearing the system. The joints can be very quickly adjusted to any angle. This can even be done by the instructor while the user is flying. 

Various lengths of spacer bar can be quickly swapped out in order to find the best leg position for each user.

  • Uses a polymer construction to minimise risk of damage to the tunnel.
  • Adjustable to fit a variety of different body shapes and sizes.
  • Low bulk, low drag, light weight, body-hugging design.
  • Modular parts which can be added or removed where necessary.

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